Isabela Rose

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Steven Harsey Textiles and Myung Jin textiles are part of the heritage of our brand. These textiles have become a household name amongst the design community through decades of quality craftsmanship. We continue to proudly distribute the textiles that you have come to know from these distinctive brands. The art of weaving combines beauty and practicality. Crossing class and culture, weaving has historically filled a void for both the essential and the artistic. Isabela Rose is built on the foundation of old world weaving techniques, passing on the ritual and beauty of this craft and celebrating those who meticulously labored over weaving textiles for their families and for their communities. Our name honors generations of family history in the textile industry and the values and traditions that we celebrate through design and craftsmanship. Our approach is simple: quality textiles, traditional construction, modernly re-imagined.


Isabela Rose

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