what we do & how we do it

Share Beauty. Our fabrics and home furnishings partners are true skilled artisans. They make beautiful creations, and we are proud to share these with the design community. We are fortunate to work with beautiful products all day long, and the artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs that create them and have been doing so often times for generations.

Tell Stories. Ours is a business, operating in an industry, built by people and relationships. Information is best conveyed and remembered through the timeless art of story telling. Telling the stories of our artisians creating these beautiful products. Having empathy to our designers, their styles and the needs they are looking to fill for their distinguished clients. It requires a little more time and personal attention, but that is just what we need more of in this day and age to tie us back to our previous generations and build our connection with each other.

Build Trust. We work with many of the same partners and leading fabric and home décor makers that we have for decades, while always adding in those new and fresh up-and-comers to stay relevant to today’s designers and end customers. To build trust, what we think must match with what we say, which must match our actions and what we do. And we need to do this with consistency and reliability. No matter what. This is how we build trust for the long-term with each of our key stakeholders each and every day.

As we build on our proud history and look to the future, we are confident that these values and behaviors will endure: Share Beauty. Tell Stories. Build Trust. This is what we are all about at Ernest Gaspard. We hope you stop by and visit us sometime soon to see for yourself.